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AgorApp’s Partner: Dfinity


AgorApp’s Partner: Dfinity


AgorApp is building the first ever agnostic IDE in Web3. A Codecademy-like interactive learning experience for all chains and protocols. In 2023, we had the luxury of partnering with some great names. One of those names was the Dfinity Foundation’s Internet Computer. Participating in Dfinity's Developer Grants Program, has allowed us to integrate Internet Computer along with a Motoko tutorial.

About Dfinity’s Grant Program

Dfinity's Developer Grants Program is a driving force behind the expansion of the Internet Computer (ICP) ecosystem, making this innovative platform accessible to a global audience of developers and teams by providing essential support. If you have plans for a project that dives into the world of ICP, we highly recommend applying for this program.

As of this date we have accomplished 2 grants and are preparing for our 3rd. So let’s dive into what was accomplished.

Integrating Motoko within our IDE

Our first grant integrated what we call the “run-time” which allows the Motoko language to run within our IDE.

Through this integration, we showcased a proof-of-concept course to explore what’s possible with Motoko education and to prepare for more future detailed content. The work provided here brought us a follow up grant that helped us expand ICP education through a Motoko tutorial.

Motoko Tutorial and IDE Advancements

Following our first grant, we began expanding our education with Dfinity. The Motoko tutorial is a robust resource designed to facilitate learning within the ICP ecosystem. It offers a comprehensive description of Motoko programming language, complemented by hands-on exercises where you can code and execute solutions.

imbedded_tutorial.png Preview of the Motoko tutorial via the Internet Computer’s documentation

From this work, we prepared our IDE to be embeddable with just a few lines of code. As of today, the ICP uses our IDE directly in their documentation, supporting new developers eager to learn Motoko.

In addition, thanks to the generous support of the Dfinity Foundation, we've made substantial enhancements to our IDE. We've refreshed the user interface and incorporated several valuable features, including automatic code formatting, support for multiple files across different tabs, a built-in type checker with error highlighting, and seamless code auto-completion.

Agorapp_Motoko_Tutorial.png Preview of the Motoko tutorial with the new IDE on

What’s Next?

In order to expand on Dfinity’s education, we have begun implementing the “run-time” for the Azle SDK. Azle allows you to build Internet Computer apps using TypeScript.

In addition, we are collaborating with PocketIC, which is a canister testing library for the Internet Computer allowing us to make the education experience even more interesting.

Get ready for the Azle tutorial!

Want to learn more? Follow our progress!

For the latest news and developments, including course & challenge and track launches as well as our job board, stay tuned. Join the AgorApp Discord and communicate with the team or follow us on Telegram, Twitter or Linkedin.

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