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How AgorApp plans to increase Lisk's developer adoption


Meet Lisk: AgorApp’s Grant Partner


The Lisk Grant Program offers funding to entrepreneurs and developers building Web3 apps with the Lisk SDK. Through AgorApp’s interactive development environment, developers can learn how to build on Lisk and connect to job opportunities.

AgorApp is proud to announce being the recipient of the Lisk Grant Program. We are working closely with Lisk to support developer adoption through interactive courses, NFT badges and connecting jobs, events and grants for Lisk related opportunities.

How it Works

The grant encompasses several key milestones, including the creation of two courses and three interactive challenges. It also involves the integration of NFT-based badges to acknowledge the successful completion of the courses, as well as the development of a comprehensive workspace board showcasing a wide range of available Lisk opportunities such as jobs, grants, and events.

Let's dive into the three milestones we are working on:

Milestone 1: Development of education content

The first course that is currently live, "Introduction to Lisk," teaches the basic building blocks of Lisk applications: module, asset, and plugin. Users will implement each of these in the context of a simple contract. The second course, "Creating your first Non-fungible token with Lisk," will enable Users to learn how to build an NFT on Lisk’s new SDK6 development stack. This is followed by 3 challenges to support additional hacks for users to become more proficient with Lisk development.

A course in AgorApp contains a series of lessons with both theory and exercises allowing you to code in real time with feedback. A challenge revolves around problem-solving and cracking algorithms or complexities a programmer may encounter. The first steps to becoming a Lisk developer.

Milestone 2: Build your Lisk-based onchain resume with NFT badges

After each course and challenge, users will receive different types of NFT badges, depending on the complexity and specificities of the engineering problems they have solved. These NFT badges will be associated to their Lisk account and users will be able to showcase their NFT onchain resume on their account dashboard.

Milestone 3: Lisk Workspace board opportunities

AgorApp will showcase all available jobs, events and grants in the Lisk ecosystem from our workspace board. AgorApp users will be able to seamlessly apply for all the opportunities in the Lisk ecosystem in a web3 native way, leveraging the NFT skill badges they collected as part of their credentials. On the other hand, Lisk will be able to know which users came from AgorApp and see the NFT they collected so far in their onchain resume. This approach will create a more smooth experience for users to seek jobs or grants, as they can access the AgorApp web3 board and apply directly without leaving the platform.

A Bright Future

Our partnership with Lisk will enable users to acquire new skills to become proficient to build on Lisk, while showcasing all available Lisk opportunities via a Workspace board. This collaboration is a significant step towards increasing the developer adoption of the Lisk ecosystem. We look forward to seeing the impact of this grant within the Lisk community.

Want to learn more? Follow our progress!

For the latest news and developments, including course & challenge and track launches as well as our job board, stay tuned. Join the AgorApp Discord and communicate with the team or follow us on Telegram, Twitter or Linkedin.

About AgorApp and what's next

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